Useful Links

Last updated: March 2013
Most of these sites are in English.
Please note that I am not responsible for their content.

2001 Waka for Japan 2001
A to Z Photo Dictionary of Japanese Sculpture & Art
Antiquarian Booksellers of Japan
Aspects of Japanese Culture and Society: An Anthropologist's View
Atrium Books
Bibliography: Ancient Japan
Computing in Japanese
Cultutal Heritage Online
Digital Dictionary of Buddhism
Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture
Double Suicide (essay)
Duke University Library Japanese Studies
Edo Japan, A Virtual Tour
Edo-Tokyo Museum (Japanese)
Edo-Tokyo Museum (English guide)
Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies
Encyclopedia of Shinto
Familiarity of the Strange: Japan's Gothic Tradition
Folktales from Japan
Genji Project
Ghosts, Demons and Spirits in Japanese Lore
Griffith Japanese on Nathan Campus
Haiga Pages
Heian Poetry
Highlighting Japan
Ichi no Tani Futaba Gunki
Institute for Medieval Japanese Studies
Japanese Classical Literature Text Index
Japan Cultural Profile (1868~)
Japanese Armor
Japanese Culture
Japanese Culture - A Primer For Newcomers
Japanese Foundation Library
Japanese Hanging Scrolls
Japanese Helmets
Japanese IME
Japanese Language links
Japanese Museums
Japanese Noh
Japanese Swords
Japanese Text Initiative
Japan Ukiyoe Museum (JUM), Matsumoto
Japan Zone
Jim Breen's Japanese Page
Jim Breen's Japanese-English Dictionary
Kabuki France
Kiki's Kanji Dictionary
Kobayashi Issa (Old Poetry)
Kodaiji Temple
Matsuo Basho (Old Poetry)
Mishima Yukio: Bibliography
Mitsui Memorial Museum
Mojikyo Net
Monumenta Nipponica
Monumenta Nipponica translations
National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL)
National Museum of Japanese History
Noh & Kyogen (JAC)
Noh interview: Richard Emmert
One Hundred Ghost Stories
Opera: Tale of Genji
PMJS: Premodern Japanese Studies (Google Group)
Premodern Japanese texts and translations
Savory Japan
Self-assessment of Japanese reading skills
Shinto & Buddhist Corner
Steve Erickson Meets Ryu Murakami
Stockton's Links to Japan
Studio Ghibli
The Japan Page
The Japanese
The Japanese Tradition - Chopsticks
The Tale of Genji
The Tale of Genji
T'ang Dynasty poetry
Tokugawa Japan
Tokyo National Museum
Tokyo Top Guide
Translating The Tale of Genji
Translations of classical Japanese texts
Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum
Tsuzuregusa 1914 translation
Twentieth-Century Japanese Poetry in Translation Woodblock Prints
Web Japan
Web Japan: Japan Links
Web Site for Japanese Students
World Wide Soto Zen
Virtual Museum of Traditional Japanese Arts
Yosa Buson haiku
Yosa Buson (Old Poetry)
Zen Buddhism and Art